Manufacturing Facility

Development Activity

Shreeyash Autocomp has facility for computer-aided design for jigs and tooling. It is staffed by well-qualified and experienced, Design and Development Engineers, who are committed to high professional standards of work execution. The complete staff is groomed for ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System.

Machine List

01 Ace CNC Turning Centre Max Dia: 200mm, Max Length: 350mm 2 Nos.
02 Ace Micromatic CNC Turning Centre Max Dia: 250mm, Max Length: 400mm 2 Nos.
03 Ace Micromatic CNC Turning Centre Max Dia: 165mm, Max Length: 300mm 2 Nos.
04 Krishna Linear Bed CNC Turning Centre   1 Nos. 
05 SPM 500 Facing Centreing Machine    1 Nos.
06 Takisawa Vertical Machining Centre  X-600, Y-400, Z-350 1 Nos.
07 WMW Thread Rolling Machine  12 Tons, Max Dia Rolled: 45 X 3.5 2 Nos.
08 WMW Spline & Helical Rolling Machine 25 Tons 1 Nos.
09 WMW Thread Rolling Machine 8 Tons, Max Dia Rolled: 22 X 1.5 1 Nos.
10 Spline & Helical Roling Machine  12 Tons 1 Nos.
11 Centreless Grinder  Max Dia: 75mm 3 Nos.
12 HMT K130 Cylindrical Grinding Max Dia: 200mm, Between Centre: 1000mm 2 Nos.
13 CNC Angular Plunge Grinding Max Dia: 300mm, Max Length: 400mm 2 Nos.
14 Hydraulic Presses 15 Tons 3 Nos.
15 Vertical Drilling Manual   2 Nos.
16 Ace CNC Micromatic Turning Centre  Jobber XL 1 Nos.
17 Tsugami BO-0206 Max Dia: 20mm 1 Nos.